ANY DAY WITH YOU releases on THIS DATE, and we have a super fun giveaway planned for those who pre-order!

Everyone who pre-orders the book—or requests it at their local library—BEFORE THIS DATE will be sent book swag: a bookmark (with fun science activity instructions!) and a sweet sticker…

…and you’ll be entered to win one of two amazing prizes! The first prize is THIS PRIZE What an awesome gift for yourself or someone you love! (This prize is open to international entries.) SAY IF IT’S OPEN INTERNATIONALLY

The second prize is THIS PRIZE a pack of six incredible early middle grade and chapter books! Each of these books is sure to please young readers who love XXXXX! (The book prize is open to US entries only.)

WHOM TO ASK??????????? Melissa Sarno’s new book; Jonathan’s book Sweep, Ian dino book, Kelly front desk, victoria cattail county book, leslie love like sky + HTLB - large print edition + HTLB - paperback

To enter, just fill out THIS SIMPLE OR EASY FORM. There is No need to provide receipts at this time, but if you win one of the top-tier prizes you will be asked for proof of purchase or library request. You can pre-order the book from any of the links on the left, but keep in mind that if you order through BookPeople, I will sign your books before they get shipped to you!



*If you are unable to pre-order the book, you can still enter the giveaway by submitting a request to your local library that they order the series for their shelves!